Renewable energy: The Renault Trucks industrial site in Bourg-en-Bresse to be equipped with 17 hectares of solar canopies

Renault Trucks is pursuing its energy transition with a far-reaching project, undertaken in partnership with TotalEnergies. The aim is to equip the Bourg-en-Bresse industrial site with solar canopies covering an area of 17 hectares. This project, which is emblematic of the Renault Trucks’ shift to low-carbon operations, marks a significant step in the transition to renewable energy production, since its electricity output will cover the equivalent consumption of 17,500 inhabitants.

Renault Trucks and TotalEnergies have announced a partnership for a solar canopy project at Renault Trucks' Bourg-en-Bresse industrial site (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes).

With a total output of over 22 peak megawatts spread over 17 hectares, this solar canopy project is set to be one of the largest in France. Its electricity production will cover the equivalent consumption of 17,500 people, or 43% of the population of Bourg-en-Bresse.

Part of the energy produced by the solar power station will be used by the plant. As a result, 30% of the site's electricity consumption will be supplied by the canopies, which will also have the added benefit of protecting both employees' vehicles and the trucks produced at the plant.

This solar canopy project, which is one of the most extensive in France, reflects the joint commitment of the two partners to decarbonising their activities.

Marin de Montbel, Managing Director of TotalEnergies Renouvelables France, said, "We're extremely proud to be supporting Renault Trucks in its energy transition. Through this project, we're demonstrating our ability to develop technically complex projects that create value.”

"At Renault Trucks, we're strongly committed to decarbonising our industry and preserving our resources", explained Karine Forien, Vice President Strategy & Sustainability at Renault Trucks. "We’re backing up our commitments with tangible actions, including the electrification of our vehicle ranges, which immediately eliminates CO2 emissions in use, and the decarbonisation of our own operations. The energy transition is at the core of our strategy and this solar canopy project is a prime example.”

The solar canopies are due to be commissioned in 2026.


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Renewable energy : solar canopies for the Renault Trucks, Bourg-en-Bresse site

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