In 2023, the manufacturer is stepping up the energy efficiency of its models designed for distribution and light construction, while reducing their environmental footprint. Thanks to engine optimisation, a new gearbox and the Fuel Eco+ pack, the Renault Trucks D, D Wide and C 2.3 m 2023 are set to reduce fuel consumption and the associated CO2 emissions by up to 10%. 

The day-to-day work of drivers in urban areas can be very challenging, with deliveries in congested city centres, stress caused by the safety of road users and loads, and the need to maintain productivity. Renault Trucks does everything possible to facilitate their task and boost performance for both drivers and their vehicles. 

Up to 10% lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions for Renault Trucks D Wide and C 2.3 m.

The 2023 models of the Renault Trucks D Wide and C 2.3 m will be fitted with the new DE11 engine. This features patented Wave Piston technology which, by redirecting the flames inside the combustion bowl, optimises use of the available oxygen, thereby improving combustion. New injectors with improved precision are also being fitted to the engine. To boost efficiency, Renault Trucks has also worked on reducing friction loss: the connecting rods, pistons and crankshaft have been redesigned and crankcase gas control has been optimised. A new high-performance ball-bearing turbocharger with improved response time and a variable flow oil pump combined with low-viscosity oil have also been developed. Renault Trucks has also opted for an optimised post-treatment system and a new engine control unit.

The Renault Trucks D Wide and C 2.3 m are also equipped with the new generation Optidriver gearbox. As an option, the Eco mode allows for a further reduction in fuel consumption.

Lastly, an additional 5% reduction in fuel consumption can be achieved with the Fuel Eco+ Pack, which includes a roof deflector, side deflectors, a disengageable compressor and automatic engine shutdown after three minutes.

All these technologies combined provide a fuel saving of 10% compared with the previous generation of Renault Trucks D Wide and C 2.3 m.

Renault Trucks D: a new powertrain and new Optishift automatic gearbox

Renault Trucks D with 5 and 8 litre engines are fitted with a new 8-speed gearbox, called Optishift. Fully automatic, it offers enhanced driving comfort with better handling at low speeds and improved fuel efficiency. The new Optishift automatic gearbox is available as an option on the Renault Trucks D 4x4. The Eco mode is also available as an option for a further reduction in fuel consumption.

Last but not least, the Eco+ Fuel Pack provides additional fuel savings.

The combination of all these technologies means that fuel savings of 9% can be achieved compared with the previous generation of the Renault Trucks D.

Improved safety and on-board comfort

Driver comfort is one of the manufacturer's main concerns and has also been improved on the Renault Trucks distribution range.

For increased safety, the Renault Trucks D, D Wide and C 2.3 m are equipped with the BirdView system: four cameras placed outside the vehicle provide a panoramic view in real time on a 7" LCD screen. This gives the driver an all-round view of the surrounding area in a single image and without blind spots, reducing the risk of collision.

For perfect visual and on-board comfort, the interior of the Renault Trucks D, D Wide and C 2.3 m has been redesigned. The seats, bunks and benches are covered in a new fabric, in line with the new cab harmony, and control buttons have a new white backlight.

Tailored services for complete control of operating costs 

To help hauliers boost profitability by reducing their operating costs, the vehicles can be coupled with a subscription to Optifleet, Renault Trucks' real-time fleet monitoring and management tool.

In practice, Optifleet optimises routes in terms of time and distance covered, thanks to real-time monitoring of deliveries, using the Map module. 

The Check module of the tool monitors the energy consumption of vehicles, while the Ecoscore function enables the remote monitoring of technical data per driver (fuel consumption, percentage of time idling, use of the brake pedal, etc.). The aim is to optimise fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions by analysing driver performance and pinpointing those who need to be trained in the precepts of rational driving.

Finally, Renault Trucks provides tailored Start & Drive maintenance agreements for its vehicles, enabling hauliers to maximise vehicle uptime and manage their budgets with complete peace of mind.

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