Renault Trucks has started marketing a new model from its Used Trucks Factory in Bourg-en-Bresse, the Renault Trucks T X-Port. This vehicle, which is based on a Renault Trucks T Euro 6 with an 11-litre engine, has been converted and certified Euro 3 for the African and Middle Eastern markets.

A Euro 6 used truck driven without the addition of Adblue would be irretrievably damaged and its emissions would be equivalent to those of a Euro 0 vehicle. For its customers operating on the African continent and in the Middle East, where Euro 3 legislation is in force, Renault Trucks has developed the T X-Port model. This is a Renault Trucks T Euro 6, converted to a Euro 3 using strict industrial processes in the specialised workshops of the Used Trucks Factory in Bourg-en-Bresse, in order to guarantee the highest level of pollution reduction in force in these markets.

A robust Euro 3 vehicle

The conversion starts with dismantling the Euro 6 components, namely the silencer and AdBlue components, which are then sent to the manufacturer's recycling network.

Operators in the Used Trucks Factory then install the Euro 3 components and the reinforced filtration system. The software and manufacturer's documentation are updated, allowing the vehicle to be recognised throughout the network with its new characteristics.

The air and diesel filters are reinforced, enabling the vehicle to adapt to its new environment (topography and the characteristics of fuel distributed locally). Finally, ground clearance is increased by 30 mm at the front and 20 mm at the rear.

After conversion, the Renault Trucks T X-Port's emission levels and engine performance (power and torque) are certified by UTAC, an independent international organisation.

The vehicle undergoes the same quality process as a new vehicle.

A 12-month international manufacturer's warranty

The Euro 3-certified Renault Trucks T X-Port comes with a 12-month international manufacturer's warranty that covers all incidents relating to the engine, gearbox and axles and is valid throughout Renault Trucks sales and service outlets in Africa and the Middle East. The T X-Port is only available from the Renault Trucks network.

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