Towards low-carbon transport


More than 75% of the goods we need to feed ourselves or treat ourselves are transported by road.But while road transport remains essential, 97% of trucks run on diesel, contributing 6% of Europe's total carbon footprint. As truck manufacturers, we need to fundamentally rethink our approach.

That's why, at Renault Trucks, we're questioning our own business model: we're saying that the truck, and the new truck at that, must no longer be the only solution.  
In concrete terms, this awareness is reflected in the reconditioning and regenerating of trucks after their first life and in the pooling of our expertise with all the players in the logistics sector to transport in a different way. With them, we optimise the filling of trucks and pool flows and routes, we support multimodal transport and develop mobile container solutions to facilitate urban deliveries.

This is why, at Renault Trucks, we offer transport solutions only if they contribute to decarbonisation. 
We are constantly reducing the fuel consumption of our diesel trucks and have made them compatible with biofuels and synthetic fuels.  
Above all, we are carrying out R&D work that began 20 years ago and which today enables us to offer the widest range of electric vehicles in Europe, from cargo bikes to 44 tonnes. This historic transition is underway in our 1,400 sales and service points.

By 2030, every second truck sold by Renault Trucks will be electric.   
By 2040, 100% of our trucks sold will no longer use a drop of fossil fuel.


Web series

Join the movement

The web series "The Good Move" invites you to immerse yourself in the transformation being led by Renault Trucks and to discover the solutions being put in place to combat climate change. 


Renault Trucks, committed to decarbonisation of freight transport

Having joined the Science Based Targets (SBT) initiative in 2021, we have undertaken in-depth work to drastically reduce our resources’ consumption and emissions to limit global warming to 1.5°C.

30 Good Moves

What is a Good Move ?

A Good Move is a commitment to decarbonisation. It contributes to reducing CO2 emissions and inspires us. 

The Good Truck

The Good Truck

It's time to make electric trucks shine

Take part in the creation of a never seen before electric truck. A truck painted with light 💡 #TheGoodTruck


E-Tech Range

Decarbonised, from cargo bikes to 44 tonnes

The widest range of electric vehicles in Europe


Why they are so serene?

This word "Range anxiety" in German (Reichweitenangst) has its own page on Wikipedia. It is the fear among car users that the range of an electric car may not be sufficient to complete their journeys and that one could be stranded with an empty electric battery. We could imagine the same for truck owners. However, the managers of the companies who operate our trucks do not live with this type of emotion. Instead, they know that the switch to electric trucks can provide them with opportunities for their business to grow*.
Do you know why they are so serene? Because they feel supported throughout the entire process of decarbonizing their activity. 
Firstly, we devote time to understanding their issues: we need to understand their requirements and constraints, their objectives in terms of CO2 reduction, and the constraints associated with their operation. Therefore, we study their current fleet, how their routes are organized, and the infrastructures they have available. For that, we use our simulation tools to make their decision process easier as well as to monitor their activity: carbon emissions reduction simulator, driving range simulator considering the ability of their truck to cover a given route according to the type of use being made of their vehicle, distance, topography, load, body type, etc. During this study, we also integrate future changes in legislation into the schedule for replacing their vehicles. Once the diagnostic phase is complete and the objectives have been set, we work with them to put together the most suitable decarbonization solution. We define the most efficient route for their round trips and the most appropriate vehicles to use. Just as we would do for an ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicle, we provide them with support in defining the specific technical features of the vehicles, installing the requisite number of battery packs for fulfilling their daily missions, and in selecting the charging system. And even when everything is in place and operational, we remain at their side to continue to support them and help them constantly optimize the complete eco-system. So that neither they nor their drivers ever have to feel the Range anxiety. 
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*for example, it will enable them to drive through, and operate in zones that were previously inaccessible (ZEZ or LEZ)
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Climate change is the biggest threat we face today. With over 50,000 trucks sold each year worldwide, we at Renault Trucks, as a company, are taking our share of responsibility in this global disorder.
Bruno Blin, Renault Trucks President
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