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Decarbonising transport : a priority for Renault Trucks
More than 90% of the goods we all need to feed or treat ourselves are transported by road. Yes, road transport remains essential to the functioning of our societies. But at the same time, trucks account for 6% of the European Union's total carbon footprint, so what can we do about global warming?  
We have a responsibility to act so that the world we live in does not collapse. 

With The Good Move web series, immerse yourself in the transformations that are being carried out to combat climate change.

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Change all along the way


Bruno BlinYes, we have made choices. We have opted for electric power and questioned our own business models. We only market transport solutions if they help reduce carbon emissions, while we continue to reduce the fuel consumption of our combustion engines as part of our transition strategy, and above all, we offer the widest range of electric vehicles on the market, from cargo bikes to 44-tonne trucks. We have decided that new trucks are no longer our sole purpose, by reconditioning and regenerating our customers' trucks after their first life. We are reinventing logistics flow management by integrating rail-roading, cyclo-logistics, mobile consignment solutions and digital tools for sharing and tracking goods, all in a multimodal environment. Trucks on their own are no longer the solution.

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The magazine format of The Good Move web series provides space for testimonials from a battery recycling professional, a factory manager, an urban logistics specialist, a member of the IPCC and a glaciologist. 
In the course of our meetings with these recognised experts in their fields, but also with the employees of our company who are involved in this change of practices, of model and above all of state of mind, a common awareness is taking shape, leading to actions that can only be collective. Because the answer lies in collective action and innovation. The Good Move offers a rich panorama of our thoughts and ambitions. 
We are taking action and the investments are there. We are assuming our responsibilities, and we want to take our partners with us. 
With The Good Move, we also want to mobilise people beyond our company to pool our knowledge, resources, creativity and intelligence to build a new industry for tomorrow.  



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Sustainable development by Renault Trucks Sustainabe development by Renault Trucks

Renault Trucks has built up a sustainable development model which takes into account economic, social and environmental issues in a balanced way. In all its operations, Renault Trucks is committed to reducing its impact on the climate, using resources and conducting its business in the most responsible way.



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