Renault Trucks values its reputation for corporate trustworthiness around the world and conducts business ethically and in compliance with the laws and regulations governing its activities. Anti-corruption is a field in which legal compliance is of paramount importance. The prevention of corrupt practices is in Renault Trucks business interest since such practices undermine fair competition and pose an obstacle to sound profitable transactions. Corruption jeopardizes Renault Trucks sound governance, reputation, and ethics and exposes Renault Trucks, as well as the individuals involved, to potentially severe legal consequences.

To protect its reputation, Renault Trucks adheres to the Volvo Group Anti-Corruption Compliance Programme (the “Program”), which consists of a number of policies outlined in a series of steering documents, including the Code of Conduct and the Anti-Corruption Policy. The Program is designed to detect and prevent Renault Trucks and any of its business partners from taking part in corrupt activities.

To help ensure compliance, Renault Trucks provides the following guidance on the Program:

■Renault Trucks policy is to not offer customers, potential customers, governments, agencies of governments, or any representatives of such entities, any rewards or benefits in violation of either applicable laws or reasonable and generally accepted business practices.  This includes, but is not limited to, the use of third parties, either directly or indirectly, to channel inappropriate payments to international civil servants or government officials or individuals and entities associated with them.

■The Program applies to all Renault Trucks employees, and Renault Trucks agents and business partners, in every geographical location in which Renault Trucks operates.

■Training on the Program’s content and requirements is available to all employees.

■Renault Trucks employees may access the Program’s documentation on the Renault Trucks intranet from any one of approximately 11,600 computers available to employees, including computers accessible in technicians’ offices and on the line for those employees who do not use computers in the normal course of their employment.

■All suspected violations of the Program should be reported to Charlotta Trobbe (+46 31 66 55 34 / +46 31 322 61 07), Corporate compliance Volvo Group.

■The Volvo Group Compliance Officer shall, if appropriate, report any incidents of corruption to concerned authorities.

■The Volvo Group Compliance Officer is available to answer any questions regarding the Program.

As mentioned in the Code of Conduct, in cases of conflict between mandatory local law and the provisions of said Code, the local law shall prevail.

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