Renault Trucks is now fitting vehicles from its T, C and K ranges with a new audio, navigation and entertainment system called Roadpad. Acting as an on-board assistant, it enables drivers to listen to music, use their telephones hands-free, drive safely and obtain navigation assistance.

Renault Trucks T, C and K are being fitted with a secondary 7-inch high- resolution "drag-and-drop" touchscreen, which now features Roadpad, the constructor's new audio, entertainment and navigation system. As it includes an HGV navigator, music streaming, cameras and hands-free telephone all in one device, Roadpad is the perfect road companion for drivers.

To make drivers' work easier, Roadpad has an accurate HGV GPS, fitted with a Tom-tom navigation system which includes many features, such as the option of viewing the route in 2-D or 3-D and obtaining real-time information on traffic conditions.

Roadpad makes journeys more pleasant and leads to safer driving. As it has been designed to adapt to drivers' lifestyles, Roadpad has the option of pairing two telephones simultaneously. This means drivers can enjoy hands-free access to both their work phones and personal phones. Although they need to choose a priority phone for consulting contact lists or making calls, incoming calls or text messages can be received on both phones. The priority telephone can easily be swapped via a user-friendly menu.

Roadpad also enables drivers to enjoy their music library without taking their eyes off the road, as the system provides access to the Deezer streaming platform. They can also listen to their favourite radio programmes in DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcasting), benefiting from optimal sound quality. Last but not least, Roadpad offers easy access to the weather forecast app and Google Maps. 

For increased safety of drivers, their loads and other road users, Roadpad allows for perfect visibility in all circumstances as it is pre-equipped for the installation of four cameras. Side cameras provide optimal visibility, whilst rear cameras increase work comfort, especially when coupling trailers.

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