To mark the arrival of the 48 hp 13 L engine in its used truck range, Renault Trucks is launching the T 01 Racing. Redesigned by the Halle du Design, this new special edition draws inspiration from the world of car racing. Reconditioned in full in the Used Trucks Factory, the Renault Trucks T 01 Racing comes complete with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Renault Trucks is offering a new sporty-looking special edition to mark the arrival of the 48 hp 13 L engine in its used trucks range: the Renault Trucks T 01 Racing.

The lines of this latest-generation Euro 6 used tractor have been enhanced by the designers of the Halle du Design (HDD), an entity owned by the French manufacturer. They have drawn inspiration from the world of car racing to create a modern, dynamic design that perfectly conveys the technical performance of the vehicle.

On the outside, the paintwork of the Renault Trucks T 01 Racing combines three shades on an EKLA white background, namely a shimmering black, flaming red and tangy yellow. The inside of the headlight reflectors are painted flaming red. Exclusive reflective stickers, reminiscent of the world of racing, are affixed to the vehicle. Last but not least, paintwork on the sun visor, hub caps, radiator grille and rear view mirrors, adds the finishing touch.

The tone is set the minute the cabin door is opened, as the entry bars also feature the special flaming red and tangy yellow paint. The driver then enters a carbon interior, with an all-round anthracite grey look. The red handles can be removed from the glove compartment.

As an option, customers can have additional carbon components, LED light accessories and horn, or request specific paint.

The metamorphosis of the Renault Trucks T 01 Racing occurs in the Used Trucks Factory, the unit dedicated to transforming and adapting the manufacturer’s used vehicles, which is located within the Bourg-en-Bresse industrial site and applies the same processes as for a new vehicle.

The Renault Trucks T 01 Racing is a recent used vehicle, selected, prepared and transformed by experts in the Renault Trucks network, in accordance with the constructor’s standards and using certified, original parts. It has low mileage and comes complete with a 12-month or 120,000 km manufacturer’s warranty.

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