Renault Trucks opens an e-learning platform for decarbonisation

Although the need to decarbonise transport is now widely accepted, it still raises questions among transport and logistics professionals. This has led Renault Trucks, an expert in electric mobility for nearly fifteen years, to launch the "Decarbonisation Academy": a free e-learning platform open to everyone. It provides answers to the main questions asked by professionals, to help them think strategically and plan the transformation of their business with confidence.

Nearly fifteen years ago, Renault Trucks began experimenting with electric technology with partner customers. For over three years now, the French manufacturer has been mass-producing electric trucks in its Blainville-sur-Orne factory. But making the energy transition in a business can seem long and tedious and Renault Trucks knows more than anyone else the doubts and reservations that transport professionals may have. In order to help them with their strategic planning, Renault Trucks has developed an educational tool that demystifies the transition to battery electric technology. Called the "Decarbonisation Academy", this new on-line training platform, which is free and available to everyone, provides educational information produced by Renault Trucks.

Easily accessible expert content

Renault Trucks has drawn on its expertise and the knowledge it gathers daily from its customers in the field to create the content, thereby answering the most frequently asked questions. The manufacturer has listened to the doubts expressed by hauliers who are reluctant to make the shift, and has also gathered testimonies from those who have encountered difficulties and have managed to overcome them. All these good practices and experiences are shared by the manufacturer in its e-learning programme aimed at demystifying electric technology and alternative energies.

The "Decarbonisation Academy" provides access to a catalogue of training courses featuring educational videos, expert opinions from inside and outside the company and the experiences of hauliers and bodywork specialists. Each course consists of several modules and is designed to be completed in under thirty minutes. Four courses are already online:

  • An introduction to decarbonisation, which gives an overview of the decarbonisation of road freight transport, including a comparison of alternative energies versus diesel.
  • A course dedicated to electric trucks, which gives an insight into how they work and the positive impact they have on working conditions and quality of life. This course also looks at the introduction of Low Emission Zones.
  • A course specifically devoted to lithium-ion batteries, which answers questions about their range, life span, the minerals used and recycling.
  • Real-life examples of companies that have embarked on the path to decarbonising transport, the challenges they have faced, how they have overcome them and the benefits they are experiencing.

Optimised for use on tablets or smartphones, the platform is designed for users to learn anywhere. After setting up a profile, learners can follow the course at their own pace, with the added benefit of being able to pause the course and return to it later on. On completing the course, participants can test their knowledge by taking a quiz and read additional articles on the subject. A certificate is issued at the end of the course.

The "Decarbonisation Academy" is available in French and English and will be regularly updated with new content.

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