Optifleet, the fleet management software developed by Renault Trucks, is now available in a mobile version. Operators, wherever they are, now have real time access to fleet information.

Renault Trucks is launching its Optifleet application, the mobile version of its fleet management tool. Optifleet can now be used remotely on cellphones or tablets, enabling transporters to track their fleets anywhere, any time and respond quickly to any unexpected events.

The simplified interface of the Optifleet application enables fleet managers to access their vehicles in a click and seamlessly allocate new assignments (My fleet now) or track and assess individual driving behaviour and use of trucks by its drivers (Ecoscore).

There are in fact three modules to help transporters optimise driver behaviour, manage fleets efficiently and control operating costs:

  • The Check module provides technical vehicle information that is especially useful in reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. This includes the Ecoscore feature, which tracks and analyses driving styles and identifies areas in which action can be taken to reduce fuel consumption.
  • The Map module geo-locates vehicles in real time, analysing routes taken in order to optimise time and kilometres driven.
  • The Drive module provides information on driving times and enables operators to remotely access data from driver cards and tachograph memories.

With this new Optifleet mobile application, Renault Trucks is further developing its solutions to provide support for transporters committed to tracking and lowering fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Thanks to real-time fleet management, operators can respond more quickly and increase profitability, whilst increasing their own customer satisfaction. In practice, Optifleet can generate savings of up to €5,000 per year per vehicle.

The Optifleet application is now available for download from AppStore and Google Play. Use of the application is subject to subscription to the Optifleet service.

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