Renault Trucks presents the 2019 version of its Distribution range, Renault Trucks D and D Wide. The new versions of the vehicles feature improved aerodynamics and driver comfort, together with new Euro 6 Step D engines. The combination of this new equipment and engine improvements produce fuel savings of up to 7% compared with the previous generation.

Euro 6 Step D motorisation

The DTI 5, DTI 8 and DTI 11 engines already comply with the Euro 6 Step D regulation due to take effect on 1 September 2019. The Renault Trucks D and D Wide motorisations have been updated and now feature a new-generation particulate filter. 
To optimise fuel consumption, the DTI 5 and DTI 8 engines have been fitted with new engine software. The full range of auxiliaries has also been redesigned, with the Renault Trucks D and D Wide featuring a new oil cooling system and a low-flow water pump.

Optimised aerodynamics

The work recently performed by Renault Trucks on its experimental Urban Lab 2 vehicle has proven that optimisation of aerodynamics is one of the key levers for reducing both the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of distribution vehicles, especially when operated in peri-urban environments. 

To improve airflow therefore, and thus significantly reduce fuel consumption, the aerodynamics of the Renault Trucks D and D Wide have been optimised. In the 2019 version, they have been fitted with new lateral deflectors, as well as a new adjustable roof-mounted deflector, which can be adapted to suit all types of bodies, thanks to its 12 setting positions.

Safety and driving comfort

For increased safety and driving comfort, the Renault Trucks D and D Wide are now fitted with new driver-assistance systems. The adaptive cruise control (ACC) automatically maintains a minimum distance behind the vehicle ahead for smoother driving in heavy traffic, whilst also reducing driver fatigue. The adjustable speed limiter (ASL) is also an integral feature. Controls for both systems are positioned within easy driver reach, thereby leading to safer and more efficient driving.

The combination of these improvements and new equipment enable customers to achieve a 7% reduction in fuel consumption compared to the previous generation.

Renault Trucks D and D Wide 2019 are available for order now. They are Biodiesel compatible (up to 100%) and are also available in a CNG version.

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