Renault Trucks has announced the opening of pre-orders for the Renault Trucks E-Tech T and C, dedicated respectively to regional transport and urban construction. These new 44-tonne electric trucks will be produced at the manufacturer's factory in Bourg-en-Bresse.

The Renault Trucks E-Tech T and C are now available for pre-order from Renault Trucks subsidiaries in Europe. Hauliers wishing to purchase an electric vehicle from the heavy-duty range can already reserve the first manufacturing slots. Production of the Renault Trucks E-Tech T and C is due to start at the end of 2023 in Bourg-en-Bresse, France.

  • A wide choice of electric motors and batteries

To meet the multiple requirements of regional transport and urban construction activities, the Renault Trucks E-Tech T and C can be ordered with two or three electric motors providing a combined power of up to 490 kW.

A wide choice of traction batteries is available, as Renault Trucks E-Tech T and C can be fitted with four to six lithium-ion battery packs with a power output of 360 to 540 kWh. The batteries can be fully recharged by AC up to 43 kW, or by DC up to 250 kW. These trucks will be able to cover up to 300 km on a single charge and up to 500 km with a one-hour intermediate fast charge (250 kW).

The battery cells and modules will be supplied by Samsung SDI and assembled in Ghent, Belgium, in a Volvo Group plant, to which Renault Trucks belongs.

  • Three types of PTO and a wide range of wheelbases

In order to easily adapt to any type of bodywork and consequently to any type of use, the Renault Trucks E-Tech T and C can be equipped with three types of power take-off (PTO), electric, electromechanical or on the gearbox.

The Renault Trucks E-Tech T and C, with a total admissible weight of 44 tonnes, can be ordered as 4x2 and 6x2 tractor units, with a long cab and a wheelbase of 3,900 mm. In the rigid version, they are available in 4x2, 6x2 and 8x4 tridem, short or long cab versions and a choice of eleven wheelbases, ranging from 3,900 to 6,700 mm.

  • A range of services designed for optimum performance

For trouble-free operation and optimised performance, Renault Trucks E-Tech T and C come with a full range of services. In particular, they can benefit from the Start & Drive Predict predictive maintenance contract, which monitors the condition of the batteries and wear components, prevents unexpected vehicle downtime and allows maintenance operations to be grouped and optimised. Renault Trucks E-Tech T and C are compatible with Optifleet, a fleet management software package that enables drivers to plan their rounds, assign jobs to drivers remotely, inform customers of delivery times and monitor the charge levels of batteries in real time to optimise energy consumption.

The Renault Trucks E-Tech T and C are an integral part of a complete ecosystem for the decarbonisation of transport offered by the manufacturer, which consists of customised support for hauliers in their energy transition, from examining and analysing their needs to monitoring implementation and operations. This analysis includes the Range Simulator tool, which enables Renault Trucks experts to analyse the vehicle consumption as closely as possible to its real use – taking into account the GPS route, weather conditions, payload and use of auxiliairies.

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