Renault Trucks showcases innovative and sustainable transport solutions at Volvo Group Mobility Transformation Forum

On May 23, Renault Trucks participated in the Volvo Group Mobility Transformation Forum held in Brussels. The French manufacturer displayed two decarbonised vehicles: an e-cargo bike for last-mile delivery, and a prototype truck with an internal combustion engine powered by hydrogen

The Mobility Transformation Forum showcases Volvo Group’s continued investment in fossil-free propulsion technologies, services, and business solutions, and highlight the need for investment in infrastructure and charging capabilities across Europe.

Alongside panel discussions and talks, battery electric vehicles, hydrogen-powered trucks and AI technologies were on display, demonstrating Volvo Group’s industry-leading ability to deliver a net zero-emission future across multiple transport sectors – from long haul distribution to inner-city, last-mile deliveries.

Martin Lundstedt, CEO of the Volvo Group, believes that the green and digital transformation requires increased cross-sector collaboration among energy providers, logistics companies, vehicle manufacturers, and policymakers at both the EU and national levels: “The industry must prioritize investments in innovative and sustainable technologies and processes with support from policymakers and other players across the value chain. The ability to collaborate effectively is vital in achieving our shared aspiration of establishing a mobility ecosystem that is both sustainable and inclusive, thereby enabling future generations to thrive. We stand at a pivotal point in history and leaders must step forward if we are to make this a reality.”

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