Renault Trucks presents its views on the transformation of road transport at the Connecting Europe Days

Organised in Lyon from 28 to 30 June by the European Commission and the French Presidency of the European Union, the Connecting Europe Days bring together political and economic decision-makers on the issue of mobility and its contribution to achieving the objectives of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Europe.

Bruno Blin, President of Renault Trucks, took part in a panel debate on the theme of the necessary synergies between the transport and energy sectors and presented the truck manufacturer's view of the transformation of road transport. He recalled that electric trucks were already an industrial and commercial reality for Volvo Group and that the ambition for Renault Trucks, which produces electric trucks for all segments, was for them to represent 50% of its sales by 2030. By that date, nearly 270,000 vehicles of this type equipped with batteries should be on the road in Europe.

In the face of this ongoing revolution, cooperation with the energy sector is necessary to ensure the decarbonisation of road transport, with the provision of sufficient clean energy, where needed and at an affordable price, and the implementation of an efficient public charging infrastructure allowing cross-border transport. Incentives for customers are needed as well to overcome the initial investment cost in net-zero vehicles and to create scale. Finally, global action on a European scale is desirable.


Panel debate

Increased synergies between transport and energy - Road transport

  • Bruno Blin, Executive Vice President Volvo Group & President of Renault Trucks
  • Lorraine Frega, EVP Distribution & Solutions, Executive Committee Member, Michelin
  • Michael Hajesch, CEO of Ionity GmbH (charging stations)
  • Pawel Engel, Deputy Director, Transport Analysis and Programming Department Polish Centre for EU transport projects
  • Concluding remarks by Catherine Trautmann, European Coordinator for the North Sea-Baltic TEN-T Corridor
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