The electric is the future of urban transport

« For us, it is a no-brainer: the electric is the future of urban transport . »
François Savoye, Energy Efficiency Director Renault Trucks

Why betting on electric?

The observation is clear: growing air pollution, urban population explosion, citizen pressure justified on environmental issues... These factors are pushing governments to harden their position about urban transport. So many facts that call for strong and concrete actions from the manufacturers. Renault Trucks wishes to contribute to this ambition, and that's what we do in developing our range of electric vehicles.

Why is Renault Trucks the right choice for electric transport?

It's already 10 years that we put electric trucks on the roads. We are pioneers in this area. Our first generation of electric vehicles enabled us to gain experience and understanding of the impact of these new technologies on the activity of our clients. This experience constitutes the foundation of our second generation of trucks we are launching today. For us, it is a no-brainer: the electric is the future of urban transport. For more than a decade, this belief directs our actions and gives us indisputable one step ahead of our competitors in this area.  

Is the market ready for electric transport?

Without a doubt. It's a recurring topic for several years, seductive, but that so far failed to emerge commercially, due to lack of economic viability for the customers. Our second generation is changing the status quo because it now offers our customers the possibility to choose electric while maintaining profitability. Renault Trucks thus initiates a transition that promises to be major!

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