For the first time in its history and for the coming five years, the prestigious Dakar Rally will be taking place in Saudi Arabia. No less than 12 days of racing and 9000 km are awaiting the competitors. For this 42nd Dakar Rally, MKR unveils its first hybrid racing truck in exclusivity: a Renault Truck C 460.

This vehicle, designed and tested in the greatest secrecy for two years by the Czech preparer, will be the very first hybrid to take part in the Dakar. While diesel engine will probably remain used mostly in the race, electric engine will take over in case of need for immediate acceleration, when it comes to getting out of the fine sand easily or in order to spare the brakes and recover energy by decelerating. Despite the tests carried out in the last few months, it is only in a real situation that MKR will really be able to know the capacities of this hybrid truck, driven by Gert Huzink.

Alongside, three other trucks and experienced drivers will represent Renault Trucks in the rally: two Renault Trucks K520 driven by Pascal de Baar and Richard de Groot and one Renault Sherpa driben by Martin van den Brink.

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