Urby, the specialist in first and last mile logistics and subsidiary of La Poste Group and Banque des Territoires, is investing in a zero-emission fleet. It has ordered 20 electric Renault Trucks D Z.E. vehicles, dedicated to urban distribution, which will be deployed in 15 French cities from 2022.

To meet growing demand from its customers and the tightening of urban regulations, especially the gradual introduction of Low Emission Zones (LEZ), Urby, the specialist in first and last mile logistics, is acquiring a fleet of all-electric Renault Trucks vehicles.

Urby has opted for 20 Renault Trucks D Z.E. 4x2 16-ton trucks. This choice was motivated by Renault Trucks' proven technology, the vehicle's operating range, which is in line with the required use, and the maintenance provided by the manufacturer's specialised network.

These 20 electric trucks will be put into service in around 15 cities in France from 2022, including Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Lille and Nantes.

The Renault Trucks D Z.E. is perfectly suited to city use, being able to access all urban areas, even those with the narrowest streets or with traffic restrictions, and make deliveries without emitting local pollutants or causing noise pollution.

"We believe that the future of the delivery business lies in green solutions," explained Frédéric Delaval, Executive Director of the Urby network.  "Our objective is to reinvent, and even revitalise, the delivery of goods from an environmental point of view.  Thanks to its high payload capacity, the all-electric Renault Trucks D Z.E. is a key player in the innovative goods transport market.”

Renault Trucks President Bruno Blin is delighted with this partnership with Urby. “Here at Renault Trucks, the fight against global warming is our priority. We believe in electric mobility to ensure the sustainability of our environment and that of future generations. This requires an in-depth transformation of the transport industry, which manufacturers and transporters must carry out together. With the launch of these 20 all-electric trucks in France, Urby and Renault Trucks are leading this change.”

Renault Trucks, which is committed to the Paris Agreement to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, has set targets for 10% of its production to be electric by 2025 and 35% by 2030. By 2040, all of its vehicle ranges will be 100% fossil fuel free.

Technical characteristics of the 20 Renault Trucks D Z.E. URBY

- 16-ton GVWR
- 16.7 ton technical weight.
- 185 kW electric engine (130 kW continuous power)
- Maximum torque of electric motor: 425 Nm
- Two-speed gearbox
- Energy storage: 4x66 KWh lithium-ion batteries
- Operating range: up to 250 km
- Van body with an 18-pallet tailgate.

Picture, from left to right: Christophe Martin, Renault Trucks France Managing Director – Frédéric Delaval, URBY Managing Director  – Olivier Storch, Geopost DPD Group Deputy General Manager – Bruno Blin, Renault Trucks President.

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20 electric Renault Trucks D Wide Z.E. Urby

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