Having launched a comprehensive range of electric trucks designed for distribution, Renault Trucks is continuing its transition towards transport with zero emissions in use and producing its first electric truck dedicated to the worksite supply. The Noblet Group, which is committed to a rigorous energy transition, is set to take delivery of the first D Wide Z.E. fitted with a tipper and crane.

Renault Trucks and the Noblet Group are taking an important step towards transport with zero emissions in use. The truck manufacturer is set to deliver a 26 ton D Wide Z.E. 6x2 with a steered rear axle, tipper and crane to the plant hire specialist. This fully electric vehicle is equipped with a pack of four 66 kWh batteries.

Reducing air and noise pollution in cities

Thanks to its low noise level and the absence of exhaust gas emissions, the Renault Trucks D Wide Z.E. is perfectly suited to worksite supply, particularly in urban and peri-urban environments.

On construction sites, the cranes and tippers, which require the engine to be kept running, will now be operated without CO2 emissions or noise. Worker comfort and the quality of life of local residents will thus be significantly improved. Use of electric trucks on site also eliminates one of the problems of off-road use, the raising of dust, without the need to install a vertical exhaust system.

For worksite supply, these Renault Trucks Z.E. range vehicles meet the environmental requirements of urban areas with restricted traffic.

It is precisely this "zero emissions in use" that Noblet, a company that rents out machines and worksite vehicles with drivers, is seeking to achieve. It already sees comparative advantages in this, "Some clients in certain cities in the Paris region, for specific worksites, will be ready to pay more for equipment that is mainly carbon-free and, above all, silent. Moreover, in France, we benefit from additional depreciation which represents just over 10% of the purchase price," explained Laurent Galle, CEO of Noblet.

Autonomy that is perfectly suited to urban and peri-urban use

The Noblet Group chose a D Wide Z.E. equipped with four 66kWh battery packs, which can be recharged in less than 10 hours from a 22 kW socket and in less than 2 hours with a rapid charging (150 kW).

The vehicle, which will be used in the Greater Paris region, can easily be recharged near the operational sites or at a few stations in Paris that are suitable for industrial vehicles. For example, a one-hour partial recharge (22 kW) will provide an additional 15 to 20 km, making electricity the ideal technology for urban use.

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