The international final of the fifth edition of the Optifuel Challenge eco-efficient driving competition is set to take place in Lyon, the historic birthplace of Renault Trucks. On 16 October, 25 drivers will go head-to-head, with the winner being awarded a Renault Trucks T High 480 model year 2019.

Optifuel Challenge, the competition focused solely on rational driving, created in 2012, perfectly illustrates Renault Trucks' global vehicle-driver-services approach to sustainably reduce fuel consumption from the very first kilometer.

Since early 2019, national eco-driving challenges have been organised in the various competing countries. Twenty-five eco-drivers have won a place in the grand final and, for the first time, Renault Trucks will be welcoming them to their headquarters in Lyon Saint-Priest on 16 October 2019.

The international final will be split into two parts. First, drivers will complete a questionnaire that tests their knowledge of eco-driving principles and how to reduce fuel consumption. Next, they will participate in a 40-minute open-road driving test in a Renault Trucks T Optifuel with a 13-litre Euro 6 Step D engine. The winner will be the driver who consumed the least without sacrificing commercial speed.

Throughout the competition, drivers will be assisted by a representative from their company and a member of the local Renault Trucks network. Their team will be able to track their performance in real time using the Optifleet fleet management system.

To ensure equity among the competitors, a random draw will determine the order of passage, and tractor-trailer departures will be staggered. An additional vehicle will accompany each group of drivers to take into account traffic and any factors that may affect driving conditions.

The best driver will win a Renault Trucks T High 480 model year 2019.


List of finalists:
Algeria: Nabil Bedreddine; TerrenoTrans - Belgium: Gérald Sundermann; Coca Cola European Partners Belgium - Bulgaria: Plamen Ivanov; Sunny Co Ltd. - Chile: Miguel Vargas; Transportes Berrios - Czech Republic: David Suchánek; Josef Lux - Eurotrans - Estonia: Kalle Puhm; Velirek Oü - France: Pascal Bosser; Transports Rollin - Hungary: János Szabados; Moltrans - Israel: Shlomo Bezerano; Bezerano Transport - Italy: Daniele Lucertini; Autotrasporti Lucertini SRL - Latvia: Andrejs Šēfers; IFT, SIA - Lituania: Erikas Sadauskas; MS Transport, UAB - Luxembourg: Mickael Schmitt; Di Edigio - Morocco: Atman Kardach; Socamtra - Poland: Piotr Krahel; Concept Cargo Logistics - Portugal: Carlos Papeleira; Ribercer - Romania: Costin Anghelescu; Costi Trans - Serbia & Montenegro: Dragan Radenković; Transport Mršević - Slovakia: Frantisek Oravec; František Oravec - Spain: Raúl Álvarez Taboada; Galicia Direct - Switzerland: Reto Winterberger; Wüthrich Transporte GmbH - Tunisia: Adel Nefzi; Transpool - Turkey: Omer Yaman; Aktur Logistic - Ukraine: Yevhen Zhuravlov; Zhuravlov PE - United Kingdom: Gary Masterman; Earl Transport ltd.

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