Renault Trucks, the only manufacturer of electric trucks that provides a long-term performance guarantee for its batteries.

A question that regularly comes up when people are considering buying an electric truck is battery life. Batteries are generally guaranteed by the manufacturers for a certain lifespan, which varies according to the use of the vehicle. But what about the actual performance levels of the batteries over their service life?

Electric truck batteries are designed to last and stand the test of time. Their lifespan is expressed in terms of the number of charge cycles, with one cycle representing a complete discharge followed by a full recharge. From their first day, and throughout their service life, the efficiency of batteries slowly and progressively decreases; this is referred to as ageing. A battery's capacity loss results in performance levels that gradually and irreversibly decline, leading to a loss of range and a loss of vehicle power.

Renault Trucks is the only manufacturer of electric vehicles that provides a contractual commitment as regards the performance of the batteries fitted on its range of electric vehicles. In concrete terms, whereas other manufacturers only guarantee to provide a battery in working order, Renault Trucks undertakes to provide a battery in working order and whose performance is contractually guaranteed to meet its application needs.

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