Long haul range

The Long haul range comprises the Renault Trucks T, recommended for regional and national organised transport, and the Renault Trucks T High, more suited to on demand and international haulage. Both vehicles offer the advantage of low running costs, reliability and safety, and both are comfortable and enjoyable to drive. These vehicles are particularly suitable for professionals transporting high volume industrial batches, at controlled temperatures, or in tanks, as well as for livestock transport.


Renault Trucks T High

Renault Trucks T High



  • DTI 13: 440/480/520 hp​

GVW 1​8/19 > 60 t
GCW 40 > 60 t

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Renault Trucks T

Renault Trucks T Evolution



  • DTI 11 : 380/430/460 hp​
  • DTI 13 : 440/480/520 hp​

GVW: ​18/19 > 26 t
GCW: 40 > 60 t ​

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T range

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